Computer Basic Course
120 Hrs ISO Certified Course

Introduction About Course

Garg Computer Academy Provide 120 Hrs Computer Basic+Typing Course Name Office Automation & Productivity Tools to Students Who Want to learn the Basic of Computers.Today Computer is must is all Govt and Private Sector.and if you know the basic knowledge about computer then you can do your work on computer very easily and in time.Basic Course Which Gives you the knowledge about Computer.This Basic Course Provide the Knowledge of Ms-Office,Ms-Excel,Ms-Excel,Window 7 Operating System,Internet,Mulitmedia and Computer Fundamental.

Course Time

One and Half Hour

Course Duration

120 Hrs(3 Months)




Offline Min. 100

Syllabus Detail

  1. Introudction to MS-WORD 2018.
  2. Learn Open Save SaveAs Close New Print Concept.
  3. Learn What is Qucik Access toolbar Close Minimize Maximize Office Window? What is ribbon?
  4. Learn Bold,Italic,Underline,Cut,Copy,Paste,FontSize,FontColor ChangeCase Subscript SuperScipt Concept.
  5. Learn Allignement LineSpacing Border Shodowing BulletNumbering Indent Editingi Replace.
  6. Learn How to Insert Picutre Table Wordart Shapes Symbols Header Footer Equations Symbols QucikParts in a Page.
  7. Page Design Using PageBorder PageColor WaterMark
  8. MailMerge Using MailMerge Wizard
  9. Set PageLayout Using Orientation Margin Size Columns
  10. Undestadning Different Page Views Gridlines DocumentMap
  11. How Protect Word Document File.Table of Indexes Footnote InsertCaption

  1. Introudction to MS-EXCEL 2018.
  2. Learn Open Save SaveAs Close New Print Excel File.
  3. Learn What is Qucik Access toolbar Close Minimize Maximize Excel Window? What is ribbon?
  4. Learn B I U Cut Copy Paste FontSize FontColor Concept.
  5. Learn How Data Allign in a Cell and Wrapping and Merge two or more Cells.
  6. Learn Number System in a Excel and What its Role in Excel.
  7. How Insert Delete Row Col and Sheet in Excel.What is Find and Replace and How Used it.
  8. What is Condition Formatting in Excel and How Formatting Different Cells.
  9. Learn How to Insert Picture Chart Symbols Wordart Equation in Excel Sheet.
  10. How to Set Margins Orientation Size PrintAreas PrintTiles in a Excel Page.
  11. Learn Excel Formulas Like AutoSum,Financial,Logical DateandTime Lookup&Reference Math&Trig Fucntion in Excel.
  12. Undestadning Different Page Views Gridlines DocumentMap.
  13. How Protect Excel Sheet File and Cell.Learn Macros.

  1. Introudction to MS-POWERPOINT 2018.
  2. Open Save SaveAs Close New Print Presentation File.
  3. Learn How to Add new Slide Delete Slide Move Slide in a Presentation.
  4. Learn How to Design a Education Professinal Animation Slides.
  5. Learn How to Insert PhotoAlbum Picture WordArt Video Audio Symbols in a Slides.
  6. Learn How to Set the Transtition of a Slides and Time Setting.
  7. Learn How to Animate a PPT Slides with a Different Animations.

  1. Introduction About Window 10 Operating System.
  2. Learn About Desktop Items Icons Taskbar WindowPersonlize.
  3. Learn About StartMenu MenuItems.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Learn About Window 10 Settings.
  6. How to Install a Software and Drives on a System.
  7. How to Assebmle a PC.
  8. How to Identify Different Part of a Computer.
  9. Learn About Different Software Installation on a System.

  1. Gmail Account Creation and Personalize it and How Handel it.
  2. How we Can Surfing Brwosing Searching on a Interent.
  3. Adhar Card.
  4. Online Payment Acount Setup.
  5. Downloading Images,Video,Documents,Software with Internet.
  6. Multimedia Concept.
  7. Audio Video Image Documents PDF RAR Files Compression and Conversion.
  8. Online Form Filling.

  1. Introduction to Computer Fundamental.
  2. Computer Generation Intel Family.
  3. Computer Input and Output System.
  4. Hardware and Software.
  5. Computer Memory System.
  6. CPU Role and Rights.
  7. How to Purchase a Computer From Market.
  8. Computer Numbering System.
  9. Types Of Computer.

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