Digital Marketing Course
3 Months Digital Marketing With Wordpress Training

Introduction About Course

Garg Computer Academy Provide 3 Months Digital Markeing With Wordpress Training Course Name Digitam Marketing with Wordpress Course to Students Who Want to learn the Internet Marketing, Wordpress WebSite Design and its Concept. Today Digital Marketing and Wordpress is must in all Business Scale. Either Small or Either Large. and if you have knowledge of Marketing and Wordpress then you Can do your Job in Marketing Sector Easily. This Accounting Course Gives You the Knowledge of Marketing Fundamental, Social Accounts Marketing Concept, SEO Tools, Google Fundamental and How to Design a Website on Wordpress.

Course Time

Two Hour

Course Duration

3 Months




Offline Min. 100

Syllabus Detail

  1. What is Digital Marketing.
  2. What is Scope of Digital Marketing.
  3. Understand Business and its types.
  4. Difference between online and offline Marketing.
  5. Content Marketing.
  6. Difference Between inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  7. UnderStand Leads Genteration and Traffic.

  1. What is WebHosting and WebDomain.
  2. How to Purchase Doamin and WebHosting For Wordpress Website.
  3. Understand Fundamental Structure of Cpanel.
  4. How to Install Wrodpress With Cpanel.
  5. How to Select themes and Plugins For Wordpress Website.
  6. How to Purchase Premium Plugins and Themes for Wordpress Website.
  7. Design One Page Informative Website on Wrodrpess.
  8. Design Multi Page Informative Website on Wrodrpess.
  9. eCommerce Business
  10. Planning eCommerce Website
  11. Product Placements
  12. Product Grouping
  13. Promoting eCommerce Website
  14. Remarketing Products
  15. Understanding Coupon System
  16. Payment Gateway in India
  17. Collecting Online Payment
  18. Web Store using Payment Gateway
  19. Web Fronts using Payment Gateway
  20. Invoice Payments through Emails
  21. SMS Invoice Payments
  22. Integrating Payment Gateway
  23. Payment Links and its Promotion
  24. Affiliates for Payment Links

  1. Profiles and Pages
  2. Business Categories
  3. Creating Facebook Business Pages
  4. Page Info and Settings
  5. Facebook Page Custom URL
  6. Invite Page Likes
  7. Featured Video
  8. Scheduling Posts
  9. Facebook Events
  10. Reply and Message
  11. Facebook Insights Reports
  12. Connect with Instagram

  1. Organic v/s Paid Facebook Post Promotion
  2. Defining Ad Objective
  3. Ad Components
  4. Designing Creative Image
  5. Facebook Ad Structure
  6. Setting Up Facebook Ad Account
  7. Create Ad -Targeting
  8. Create Ad -Budgeting
  9. Create Ad -Creative
  10. Boosting Page Posts
  11. Page Promotion
  12. Video Promotion
  13. Similar Ads and Audiences
  14. Custom Audiences -Look Alike
  15. Custom Audience -Saved Group
  16. Managing and Editing Ads
  17. Ad Reports and Ad Insights
  18. Billing and Account

  1. Facebook Business Manager
  2. People, Pages and Roles
  3. Ad Accounts Configurations
  4. Ad Agencies and Assigning

  1. Understanding Adwords
  2. Google Ad Types
  3. Pricing Models
  4. PPC Cost Formula
  5. Ad Page Rank
  6. Billing and Payments
  7. Adwords User Interface
  8. Keyword Planning
  9. Keywords Control
  10. Creating Ad Campaigns
  11. Creating Text Ads
  12. Creating Ad Groups
  13. Bidding Strategy for CPC
  14. Practical Examples

  1. PPC, CPM, CPA
  2. Other Measuring Tools
  3. Bidding Strategy on Location
  4. Bidding Strategy on Schedule
  5. Bidding Strategy on Devices
  6. Conversion Tracking Code
  7. Designing Image Ads
  8. Creating Animated Ads
  9. Examples on Animated Ads
  10. Creating Video Ads
  11. YoutubeVideo Promotion

  1. Video Flow
  2. Google Pages for YouTube Channel
  3. Verify Channel
  4. Webmaster Tool –Adding Asset
  5. Associated Website Linking
  6. Custom Channel URL,Channel ART,Channel Links,Channel Keywords
  7. Uploading Videos
  8. Channel Navigation
  9. Video Thumbnail
  10. Redirect Traffic to Website
  11. Post Upload Enhancements
  12. Live Broadcasting
  13. Managing Playlists
  14. Managing Comments
  15. Managing Messages
  16. Paid YoutubeChannel

  1. LinkedIN -The hub of B2B Networking
  2. Creating LinkedIN Account
  3. Updating Contact Information and Links
  4. Designing Profile and Summary
  5. Managing Connections
  6. Advance Searching
  7. Who Viewed Your Profile
  8. Creating LinkedIN Company Page
  9. Updating Products and Services
  10. Marketing on Twitter & Pinterest

  1. Understanding SEO
  2. SEO Keyword Planning
  3. Meta Tags and Meta Description
  4. Website Content Optimization
  5. Back Link Strategies
  6. Internal and External Links
  7. Optimizing Site Structure
  8. Keywords in Blog and Articles
  9. Optimizing with Google Algorithms
  10. Using WebMasterTool
  11. Measuring SEO Effectiveness

Job Profile

Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing Executive

Marketing Consultant