Tally ERP9.0 Accounting Course
90 Hrs ISO Certified Course

Introduction About Course

Garg Computer Academy Provide 90 Hrs Accounting Course Name Tally ERP9 With GST Version to Students Who Want to learn the Accounts and its Concept. Today Accunting is must in all Business Scale. Either Small or Either Large. and if you have knowledge of Acocunts then you Can do your Job in Business Sector.This Accounting Couse Gives You the Knowledge of Accounts, Inventory, Payroll, TDS, and GST.

Course Time

One Hour

Course Duration

90 Hrs(3 Months)




Offline Min. 100

Syllabus Detail

  1. Accounting Principles, Defination,Concepts.
  2. Double Entry System of Book Keeping.
  3. Types of Accounts.
  4. Golden Rule of Accounting.
  5. Getting Functional with Tally ERP9.
  6. Creating/Setting up of Company in Tally ERP 9.Company Features.
  7. Types of Accounts,Groups,Create Ledgers and UnderStand it.
  8. UnderStanding All Accounting Vouchers and its Entry Details.
  9. Accounting Configuration and its Features
  10. Bank Loan Entry.
  11. Party Outstnading and Interest Calculation.Maintain Balance Bill by Bill.
  12. Sale Purchase Voucher with Accounts.Create Invoice.
  13. Learn Accounting Entry With GST.
  14. Balance Sheet,Daybook,TrialBalance,Accounting Book Maintainence.

  1. Inventory Features, Accounts With Inventory.
  2. Setting Company GST Details.Enter Item With GST.
  3. Sale Purchase Items With GST Details.
  4. Inventory Features and Configuration.
  5. Maintain Company Stock GodownWise.
  6. Material In and Material Out Vouchers.
  7. Rejection In and Rejection Out Vouchers.
  8. Physical Stock Check.
  9. DeliverNote and Receipt Note Vouchers Entry.
  10. Job Work In Order.
  11. Job Work Our Order.
  12. Inventory Book Maintainence.
  13. Understanding all About GST.

  1. What is a Payroll System.
  2. Employees Category,Employees Group Creation.
  3. Attendence and Production Type.
  4. Employees PayHead Creation.
  5. Learn Payroll Vouchers and Attendence Vouchers.
  6. Employees IncomeTax Calculation and its Details.
  7. Cost Center and Cost Categories.

  1. Tally Vault.
  2. Security Controls.
  3. Tally Audit.
  4. Backup and Restore.
  5. Split Company of Data.
  6. Exprot and Import of Data.
  7. Web Enabled, Print Preview and Online Help.
  8. Setting All Printing Configuration.

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